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This chart reflects DIBELS testing results for initial consonant sound recognition prior to working with the Essential Skills Super Phonics program and then again six months later. The students used the program once a week for 30 minutes during the September to March time frame.

The results indicate tremendous growth during the six month trial period with an average DIBLES score increase of 37.36 percent.

Super Phonics was the only program that was used and the students received no other instruction for initial sound recognition.

Phoneme identification, or letter sound recognition, is widely considered to be the cornerstone of teaching children to read. The U.S. National Reading Panel report: 

Teaching Children to Read, identifies phonemic awareness (understanding that spoken words are composed of tiny sound segments or phonemes) as the first of five key components of an effective reading program. 

Phonemic Awareness

~ Wendy Woods, Reading Lab, Webster Elementary

Keeps track of each student's progress while motivating them to do their best

The National Reading Panel also states that the "...use of computers yielded significant effects for teaching phonemic awareness and its transfer to reading."

The accompanying chart includes pre-test and post-test data collected during a two month study conducted regarding the effectiveness of the Essential Skills Sight Words program. Twenty-eight students from two first grade classes were administered a word recognition test for 300 words included in the Sight Words program. The students then used Sight Words three times a week for 30 minutes for a period of two months. At the conclusion of the two month trial, students were administered a post-test for the same 300 words.

Word Recognition

The results of the study indicated an average increase of 20 percent in word recognition, with nearly half of the students exhibiting an increase of 25 percent or greater. Eight out of the twenty-eight students showed improvements of greater than 30 percentile points. One student (*) in particular demonstrated increased word recognition of 37.41 percent. Given that Essential Skills Sight Words was the only program administered during this period, these results are a clear indication of the program's effectiveness for improving word recognition skills.

Word recognition is fundamental in developing reading fluency—one of the five essential components of reading instruction as identified by the National Reading Panel.

Every program includes typing activities to promote keyboarding skills

Sight Words Teaches the 220 Dolch Sight Words & more than 100 other high frequency words

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